how I brought my babies earth-side when I had a 10% chance of getting and staying pregnant

how I brought my babies earth-side when I had a 10% chance of getting and staying pregnant
I was told I had a 10% chance of getting and STAYING pregnant.

I was told I had unexplained secondary infertility, pre-mature ovarian failure and diminished ovarian reserve. I was determined, I wasn't going to take no for an answer. Our son deserved a best friend to grow up and share life with. Although grateful for the options, I knew deep in my heart that IVF and fertility treatments weren't going to be a part of our story.

When traditional western medicine could find nothing further in the physical and external factors, I took a longggggggg deep breath a looked within. I knew I had work to do. A LOT of work. I was hard. It was messy.

The unlearning, untangling, unwinding of so many generational traumas that in your teens and 20's are easy to bury, but really began to rear their teeth in this season of life.

To conceive and bring your baby earth side, there needs to be a harmonious balance in body, mind AND spirit.

If you are having challenges conceiving for no apparent medical reason, I invite you look within. Into your mind and into your heart.

🌼What are you putting in and onto your body?
🌼How are you treating yourself? With anger, guilt and impatience? Or are you surrendering with trust, love and grace?

There are many tools I've learned over the years to bring balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Start with stillness. Make time for yourself each day to just be still. Listen to your breath. Allow your thoughts and feelings to flow freely without judgement. Write them down.

Validate YOURSELF. Release that fear and repeat to yourself...

"Trust, Surrender, Receive".

Sweet friends, this is where the miracles happen!

Sharing my story with you all has been the deepest form healing for me
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