high vibe skincare +
sacred self-care rituals

Rooted in healing, through miscarriage + motherhood. Empowering you to slow down, fall in love with taking deep care of yourself and awaken the goddess within.

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ingredients grown on our flower farm and/or ethically sourced

all natural

free of toxins, endocrine disruptors, SAFE for pregnancy + breastfeeding


in Alberta Canada, in small batches, with love and intention

cruelty free

never tested on animals, just friends

our roots

I didn't build my business, my business built me. My relationship with wellness was born when I entered motherhood. In the trenches of a soul-riveting postpartum depression that brought me to my knees in more ways than one. Breaking through the generational cycles and patterns that no longer served my highest self. I dreamed of creating a wildy beautiful, connective and healthy lifestyle for my family.

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we believe beauty is ageless

You won't find the words 'anti-aging' anywhere on our products or in our brand. Aging is a rite of passage, a natural evolution as we journey through the human experience. Each line, crease and crevice on a woman's body has been earned and should be worn with pride.

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spreading love + light

I truly believe that the greater impact we have on someone else's life, the more the universe rewards us. Each year, we donate proceeds from our Mother Nurture and Rainbow Baby Collection to local organizations in support of miscarriage and infertility awareness.

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high vibe botanical skincare

put yourself first

You're so busy taking care of everybody else, who's taking care of you?

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