giving back

I truly believe that the greater impact we have on someone else's life, the more the universe rewards us.

to our community

Each year, we donate proceeds from our Mother Nurture and Rainbow Baby Collection to local organizations across Alberta in support of miscarriage, infertility awareness and supporting new mamas on their motherhood journey in any way we can.

It takes a village, you're not meant to do this alone, Mama!

to doulas, midwives, birth workers

We have an offer of gratitude for you! and honestly ANYONE whose life work and purpose is to support those on their motherhood journey —

I appreciate you SO much and everything you do to support mamas on this journey. It is truly sacred, magic work!

We have an exclusive discount code for yourself, for your community and your patients. Every mama deserves natural and nourishing skincare, body and postpartum products for themselves and their babes and I’d love to make these products more accessible to each and every one of them!

Reach out to get your code