winter solstice - finding light in the darkness

winter solstice - finding light in the darkness

Ways to Welcome Winter 

Winter can be a gloomy and isolating time. As the sun dips down earlier each day, we may be left feeling low-spirited or overwhelmed with the months to come. Although we can’t shift the outside temperatures, we certainly choose how we move through each season. So, with winter solstice well

on its way, let’s cover some practical and pleasurable ways to both find fulfillment and welcome in this incoming season. In other words, let’s lasso some joy!


Every season lends its own kind of magic. One way we can welcome in a new quarter is by appreciating what it offers. This means getting outside to partake in the passing beauty and celebrate by engaging in our most-loved seasonal activities. These acts need not be grandiose; in fact, they should be achievable. To illustrate, some of mine are shared below.

● Eating seasonal root vegetables
● Gathering fallen branches for wreath crafting

● Making spiced mulled wine
● Reading by candlelight

● Enjoy a warm bath and restful sleep

Beyond day-to-day delights, maybe you’d like to test your wits at something new. Getting creative with our hands surely sparks a certain excitement. What do you want to start? Following where your curiosity pulls is always a purposeful pursuit.


One of the best ways we stay (emotionally) warm is through community. Gathering and laughing with others is a recipe for joy. Making an effort to

connect, although at times hard, is worthwhile. Beyond spending quality time with loved ones, perhaps consider one of the following:

● Host a dinner party or potluck

● Attend a local class
● Reach out more
● Start a book or craft club

What’s more, give back. Assisting others gets us out of our heads and into the real world in a real way. Volunteering at local establishments, writing letters to seniors, picking up litter, and acts of kindness are just the beginning. Get creative here! How can you serve? Aiding each other weaves a stronger commonwealth as a whole.


As we know, taking care of our physical space significantly uplifts our state of mind. Perhaps do a little off-season spring cleaning. Take inventory, letting go of unused belongings. And never underestimate the role of simple upkeeping: fresh linens, swept floors, tidy cupboards, and so forth.  Candles are a tried and true way to light up a room. Lighting one (or many) immediately creates a

homey and welcoming atmosphere. We offer three: Gather, True North, and Sacred Spaces.  Wintertime calls for something extra special, right? Of course, deck your halls however you love. Adorning our homes certainly adds a cheerful touch.


Winter climates take a physical toll. How so varies depending on our unique bodies and where we reside geographically. If the cold weather stiffens your joints, stretch daily, take warm baths, and find a soothing balm. If the dry air strips your skin, use a gorgeous face oil or body butter to replenish those lost oils. Fundamentally, you know best. Assess your body’s needs and go from there. Of course, there are the pillars of physical health: sunlight, nourishment, movement, and sleep.  Let’s remember that caring for our body and tending to our health expand our capacity to better aid others.

 Slow Down 

Winter, perhaps, is the best reminder we have to slow down. To once again realize that productivity is not everything, nor should it be. Periods of reflection are essential to our well-being. Self-consideration enables us to show up as our truest, brightest selves. And if the darkness seems everlasting, remember that this, too, is fleeting. For once again, the birds will sing, buds will bloom, and the sun will idle in the sky for hours on end. As for now, rejoice in this time because it comes but once a year!

We created a beautiful set of ritual tools to support you this season to invite warmth, rest and relaxation. Check out our Winter Solstice Self Care Ritual Kit!


I truly wish you all a wonderful wintertide and New Year. As always, take care.


Love + light,



(written with Sariah Vilate)

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