Our Roots

Luna Rosa is a flower farm + apothecary creating high vibe botanical skincare and wellness offerings for the body, mind, spirit + home. Each offering is intentionally crafted with love + light. Inviting ease + flow into your life with sacred self care rituals.
Founded by Chantelle Aitchison, Aquarius mama, born on a super full moon, photographer, trained Herbalist and certified in Botanical Skincare. Born and raised on the East Coast of Nova Scotia and now settled in the Alberta prairies.  Our offerings are inspired by our coastal roots, life on the prairies and all the beautiful wild flora that inhabits both landscapes from East to West.

By using herbal ingredients that are grown on our farm here in Sturgeon County, Alberta, foraged from the wild and sustainably sourced. Each product is intentionally crafted with love, creating safe and natural essentials for you and your family that provides a holistic approach to nurture your connection to nature, wellness, self care, and self love.

Empowering you to live happier, healthier, simpler and in alignment with your souls true purpose.
Chantelle's relationship with wellness was born when she entered motherhood and wanted to create a healthy lifestyle for my family, then grew deeper after going through recurrent miscarriage which called her to a transformational shift when she embarked on my own spiritual and physical healing journey. 
Re-establishing her connection with nature, the universe and higher self, she was awakened to a stronger, more enlightened version of myself and discovered how powerful self care truly is.

The name Luna Rosa is rich in meaning. Luna represents the moon - the divine feminine. Women are deeply connected to the moon, her energy and her cycles and by understanding this connection, we gain control over our life and dreams. Rosa stems from the rose - the heart chakra and representation of love. Just as the rose has the highest frequency vibration of any tangible thing, our products and rituals bring the highest vibration of love, bliss and joy to our village. Together, the combination of the powers of the moon and natural gifts of the earth creates pure magic, and that’s what Luna Rosa hopes to share with it’s community.

Empowering you through self care rituals, supporting you with natural herbal remedies and botanical skin and body care, celebrating you and holding space for you in all the beautifully messy seasons of life.

We're so glad to have you on this journey with us!

Love + light,



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