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winter solstice - finding light in the darkness

Ways to Welcome Winter  Winter can be a gloomy and isolating time. As the sun dips down earlier each day, we may be left feeling low-spirited or overwhelmed with the months to come. Although we can’t shift the outside temperatures, we certainly choose how we move through each season. So, with winter solstice well on its way, let’s cover some practical and pleasurable ways to both find fulfillment and welcome in this incoming season. In other words, let’s lasso some joy! Appreciation  Every season lends its own kind of magic. One way we can welcome in a new quarter is by appreciating what it offers. This means getting outside to partake in the passing beauty and celebrate by engaging in...

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easy natural cold + flu remedies

  Tis the the season for fevers, runny noses and lingering coughs that won't go away! You heard me on IG stories this week talking about how well the onion trick worked for my boys while they were fighting off a nasty cough, cold and fever! it was so simple and powerful! I simply cut an onion into quarters, placed it in a bowl and sat it near where my boys were sleeping. Within 10 minutes or so.....they stopped coughing and slept sound! It was pure magic! When they woke up and came to the living room, their cough returned, so I placed another bowl of onions out and like plant magic....cough subsided again! Each and every child and human being...

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miscarriage: how to support yourself + loved ones

(photo credit: Tricia Victoria Photography)  this has been a question popping up in my inbox a lot lately, from husbands, spouses, friends, mothers. firstly, i want to express how grateful i am to receive these messages. when i went through my first miscarriage, i didn't know where to seek support and more so, i was ashamed to ask for it. when it was the second and third time, i found an inner light in the darkness and knew it was my calling and purpose to share my experience with other women as support and wisdom for them to feel seen, heard and acknowledged on their healing journey. from my husbands perspective, there is a unsettling amount of helplessness we feel...

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