the wellness tea collection
the wellness tea collection

the wellness tea collection

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A stress relieving, mood improving, immune boosting and skin loving collection of nutritive organic herbal teas to nourish, nurture and support you in every season of womanhood. Intentionally crafted by an Herbalist.


UnwindA calming blend, packed with nervous system relaxants. Easing stress, anxiety and promoting a restful nights sleep.

Radiant Detox - A skin and liver supporting blend packed with vitamins + antioxidants that gently detoxifies the liver, protects from free radical damage and promotes collagen production for a radiant glow that begins within. (throw in some honey, berries and enjoy iced for a cool summer drink!)

Moon Time - A nutrient rich mood + immune supporting blend, bringing nourishment, ease and relief during your menstrual cycle. Enjoy in your luteal phase, post ovulation and throughout your inner winter.

Mother Nurture - A nutritive organic herbal tea blend rich in vitamins and minerals Nourishing and strengthening the reproductive system, calming the nervous system and soothing inflammation. Helps to regulate menstrual cycles, cleanses and detoxifies to clear the system of harmful toxins.

RITUAL: 1 tbsp into boiling water, cover to keep in all of the medicinal volatile plant oils and steep for at least 15 mins. Enjoy each tea hot or cold!